Our Food Spectrum Video team is led by Jeffrey Cooperhouse, and is composed of a creative and talented team based in North Hollywood, CA. We create high-quality videos to promote your company and advertise your products, and focus on the specialty food industry. We apply our skills, talents, and equipment to translate your company’s visions into exceptional, compelling videos. We do this by understanding your company, product, customer demographics, goals, budget, and audience. We apply our craft to ensure professional results and a timely project completion, at reasonable costs.

We understand the food industry and can help your product command a unique positioning in the marketplace. We do this effectively through our 3-step ICE process based on: Information, Creativity and, Execution.

Our Information process begins with an understanding of your business. To maximize our impacts, it is important that we understand market research regarding your products, the demographics of your customers, how your products are differentiated from the competition, your unique benefits, and your desired positioning. We recognize that food products must be distinctive and differentiated to be successful, and it is our goal to help you to communicate the value of your brand and your imagery, and to achieve this specialization and emotional connection in the minds of consumers. It is our goal to reinforce the specialty nature of your product – which may include its originality, authenticity, ethnic or cultural origin, specific processing, origin of your ingredients, limited supply, distinctive use, extraordinary packaging or its amazing taste.

In our Creativity process, we identify how we should best portray your product – to reinforce the positioning and specialization that we identified in our Information stage. We recognize that "perception" drives trial in the food marketplace, in which our objective is to communicate the brand, imagery, freshness, wholesomeness, nutritional content, sensory stimuli, etc. that results in trust, and affects the initial purchase of your product. We also know that it is "reality" that affects the repeat purchase, in which the overall experience and value provided by your food product will demonstrate whether this promise has been fulfilled. In our Creativity Process, we will identify various means in which we can communicate these benefits, which may range from a fast-paced video to a comedic satire to a soap opera or to a rap song. We then create the script, and pitch our ideas to you to gain your input and insight.

In our Execution phase, we set up a team for production, in order to bring these ideas to life. We utilize the highest quality video equipment, technologies, and talent available based upon your budget. After that, we are in post-production, and editing the video to make all of the audio-visual elements stand out as best as possible. We then present this to you for your review, and make our finished videos available for your usage. Your company is more than welcome to join us at any stage of the production, so that you can contribute ideas that will help us create the greatest possible video(s).

For further information, contact Jeffrey Cooperhouse at jeff@foodspectrum.com